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Gojek is a ride-hailing, food, and grocery delivery platform that has grown into one of Southeast Asia's decacorns. Operational in 5 countries, it impacts the lives of 10s of millions of customers, drivers, and merchants.

Since 2015, we have worked with Gojek on many of Gojek's products and services including allocation, pooling, order management, pricing and experimentation.

During our multi-year partnership, we led, and supervised product initiatives on the technical front, while collaborating with business, product, ops, design, research, and data science teams.

Our primary role was in engineering large scale, low-latency, stateful systems, and data pipelines for ML runtimes.

In addition, we established processes around designing software, project management, documentation and tech debt management.

Some of our major projects include rewriting and architecting the central driver allocation system in a few months, with a generative testing suite.

We're also happy to have introduced and trained multiple teams at Gojek in Clojure.

PayTM Insider is India's largest online ticketing and events company. Insider approached nilenso with a pioneering concept for its time: to take their live, interactive events online.

We worked with Insider to build a digital platform for live events, with the objective of “streaming interactive video to one million concurrent users”.

The pilot was a real-time quiz that thousands of users would participate in. In addition to all the challenges that come with live video, we had to ensure that all participants received the questions at the same time.

Our solution involved a dashboard from where a producer could run the quiz, publish questions and answers to a massive live audience, and coordinate transitions from one question to the next.

We also built video transcoding into the platform using mimoLive and Wowza Cloud, so the live video stream from the quizmaster could be streamed to all participants.

The quiz and video were synchronized by stamping metadata onto the stream, self-identifying sync time, and compensating for server-side transcoding delays on mobile clients.

In order to load test the system, we built a Mob Simulator, that simulated hundreds of thousands of concurrent users.

The service was transitioned to an in-house team over months, while coaching them on Elixir, and OTP as well.


Juspay is a fintech offering a suite of end-to-end payment solutions that power over 4 million transactions a day.

We have worked with Juspay in various capacities, including a wizard-like framework to build mobile apps, a real-time analytics dashboard, a DSL to build apps for banking clients and pilot solutions for ride sharing apps using an open specification.

We initially consulted with Juspay on optimising the performance of their Postgres DB to handle high volumes.

Subsequently, we worked with them on building a PureScript framework to create mobile apps declaratively.

We also led the product and engineering initiative to build a next-gen dashboard to offer big-picture and action-oriented views for merchant PMs and customer support teams.

We engineered the data pipelines that aggregated data (including streaming data) from various sources.

While working on the dashboard project, we also created generic components that enabled other teams to quickly build dashboards for other products at Juspay.

Lastly, we partnered with Juspay to build and launch pilot ride booking and final mile delivery marketplace solutions based on an open protocol for location-aware commerce.

Simple is a contextual digital platform supported by Resolve To Save Lives (RTSL), a non-profit venture of Vital Strategies, whose mission is to improve global cardiovascular health.

Simple is an offline-first Android app and web dashboard that enables policy makers to monitor and improve hypertension and diabetes outcomes.

nilenso has worked with Simple since its inception in 2018, from building the first prototype, to launching the pilot solution, iteratively developing features, managing scale, as well as playing a pivotal role in Simple's expansion beyond India to other countries.

We designed the fully offline-first sync APIs that allow for the app to be used in rural areas with limited internet connectivity.

In addition, we built the dashboards that support both population-level administration by policy experts as well as more granular monitoring by health officials.

The dashboards were engineered for performance as well as accuracy using ETL pipelines as well as Russian doll caching.

Staples is one of the world's largest office retail companies.

We worked with Staples on their recommendation engine, experimentation platform, as well as several other products, over a period of 4 years.

We built Staples' highly available experimentation platform with automatic failovers. The platform incorporated research from white papers from Google, Microsoft and Netflix.

We also built and maintained machine learning runtimes for Staples' email recommendation engine.

The experimentation platform included a simulation testing harness and framework that we wrote using Causatum, Simulant and Datomic.

Yet another project involved orchestrating a web crawler and scraper that would deal with unstructured datasets on the web and provide insights into categorisation as well as pricing on a daily basis.

Want to know more? Our open-source code is up here.