Nilenso is an employee-owned software cooperative based out of Bangalore, India. We ship beautiful, fully-tested applications for your organization.

We are evolving

It is our mission to continuously do better. We have grown a small web shop into a team of developers and designers tackling challenges in data science and experimentation, machine learning runtimes, complex systems integration, large data set analysis, and low-latency realtime systems. Our love of technology is born from helping our clients solve difficult problems and we would love to hear from you if you have a challenge for us.

For us, self-improvement has another facet: impact. We want to improve the world around us. Software is emerging as a key component of infrastructure, international development, open government, transportation, agriculture, and the arts. The space is endless.

Our primary goal is to find people and organizations to partner with who feel the same way. If you prefer working on open source, with open data, in open and transparent fields, we want to talk to you.

We are great people to work with

We are expert developers with extensive experience in Clojure, Ruby, Go, Haskell, Elixir, and Javascript. We have built and launched products, regularly speak at industry conferences, sing carnatic music, and climb mountains. Introduce yourself to any one of us. We want to talk to you.

Aditya Athalye 200 Akshatha Herle 200 Akshay Gupta (kitty) 200 Dany Sam Salmon 200 Deepa Venkatraman 200 Govind Joshi 200 Kiran Gangadharan 200 Nivedita Priyadarshini 200 Ravi Chandra (neena) Padmala 200 Prabhanshu Gupta 200 Sandilya Jandhyala 200 Sezal Jain 200 Shafeeq Kunnakkadan 200 Soumya Pillai 200 Srihari Sriraman 200 Udit Kumar 200 Vikram Chintalapati 200

People we have worked with