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Kiran Gangadharan

Kiran Gangadharan

A web and mobile engineer, Kiran has experience in Clojure, Clojurescript, Go, Python, Java, Objective C and Kotlin.

At nilenso, Kiran sharpened his skills in freight logistics, where he advised a company on how to model their schema and build APIs to connect the schema with their interface. Since then, he has worked in the interactive streaming space and the hyperlocal industry in various capacities including the incentive and pricing initiatives. Most recently, Kiran has shifted focus to the telecom industry, where he spends his time on contact centre solutions.

Kiran descended into the emacs rabbit hole, and, after spending much time exploring its nooks and crevices, emerged through the looking glass older, and wiser. He is now content to live out his days in relative simplicity.

Kiran joined nilenso with significant experience working with startups (Komli Mobile, WalletKit and Appsdock).