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Govind Joshi

Govind Joshi

Govind will never assault you with words, but he is always listening intently to what you have to say. One doesn't usually consider thoughtful commentary an essential skill, but he has a way of making it appear so.

Govind is actually a biologist in disguise. He's spent his early career in Biotech and found his way into hardcore software development through an inherent love of Category Theory and Haskell.

Govind was part of the team that kicked off Simple, architecting several critical pieces of their software solution, including designing the data schema and performant reporting dashboards, as well as the permissions framework. His most recent role was leading the team building scalable solutions for one of India’s hottest fintech startups.

If you see Govind riding his bicycle around town to get to a local classical music performance, we suggest you follow him.