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Deepa Venkatraman

Deepa Venkatraman

Like a rock. Which is to say, she has tenacity. Not the way a Ford is "like a rock". Deepa drives. One supposes a Ford drives, too. But Deepa will outlast even a gas guzzler from the 60's. So she's more like a rock than a ford. In both ways.

Deepa's got a rainbow-coloured past. Founding startups, running businesses, crunching big numbers, building robots, and tearing up backroads in a cloud of dust that implies the closing credits will scroll by soon with a really kickin' outtro. At nilenso, she’s tasked with figuring out how to turn us from a cute little boutique software consultancy into a dominant multinational co-operative corporation. No big deal.

Deepa is a stealth semi-luddite, so don't be surprised if she convinces you your smartphone is not the future of your life -- or that data expiry and encryption should be an everyday concern. Oh, she also speaks half a dozen languages and knows everyone you know but she is almost definitely probably not a secret agent.