our tribe. we build and launch products, sing carnatic music, and climb mountains.

Akshat Shah
Yak shaver. Bottleneck-remover.
Akshatha H
A deadpan humourist electronics engineer turned programmer.
Alisha Mohanty
An open-sourcerer who puts the lo-fi in your bollywood songs.
Atharva Raykar
A craftsperson and stoic debugger who creates questionable art.
Dany Sam Salmon
He will automate your life if you ask him nicely.
Deepa Venkatraman
She speaks half a dozen languages and knows everyone you know.
Govind Joshi
Secretly a biologist; always follow him to a classical music performance.
Kiran Gangadharan
His Emacs config has been dragged across many industries.
Pavithra Iyer
The operations engine at nilenso who can find you anything you want.
Prabhanshu Gupta
Builder of web things, maker of bleeps and bloops, writer of tests.
Priti Nayak
A chemistry professor turned PM; also an aspiring Martian.
Priyanga Kini
She’ll debunk the magic in your programs.
Ravi Chandra Padmala
A philomath, tsundoku aficionado and second hand trader.
Sezal Jain
Engineer, entrepreneur and a lazy person.
Shivam Singhal
Life hack: Make your work exciting by working with Shivam.
Siri PR
A productivity nerd and aspiring globetrotter.
Srihari Sriraman
Magical problem-solver who makes the impossible happen and sings while he does it.
Tarun Kumar
Equally at home building p2p video software and teaching kids math.
Udit Kumar
nilenso’s logistics guru; fiddles with JVM bytecode for fun.
Vikram Chintalapati
Entrepreneurial engineer; loves history, geopolitics and football.
Yogiraj Hendre
Engineer with a love for the outdoors and stargazing.

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