nilenso is a boutique technology consultancy based in India and Canada. We build thoughtful, well-crafted products for your organization.


We are an employee-owned organisation that cares about the impact we create in the world.

We enjoy sinking our teeth into hard challenges, and believe that technology is a powerful tool to address real-world problems.

We build and launch products, regularly speak at industry conferences, make music, knit sweaters, write children’s books, and climb mountains.

If you are working on interesting problems and believe we can help, get in touch!


We have worked on both greenfield projects as well as services operating in high throughput environments.

We have led and shaped projects in e-commerce, machine learning, healthcare, payments and education, which we delivered in a variety of languages and platforms.

We are tool agnostic, and have extensive experience in Clojure, Ruby, Go, Haskell, Elixir, and JavaScript, but are partial to a functional approach to programming.

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recent work

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