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Shivam Singhal

Shivam Singhal


Shivam started working in the software industry in 2019, right after high school. As a freelancer, Shivam was partial to the MERN stack and no-code tools.

At this time, Shivam consulted for the Central India Head Division of the Indian Railways, where he automated the manual process of chart preparation, bringing it down from 40 minutes to just 3 seconds. During COVID, he worked on a community-led initiative to help streamline and effectively manage vaccination centre information and volunteers.

Soon after, Shivam joined nilenso to hone his skills in backend engineering (he was still in college at the time, with a couple of years of consulting experience under his belt!).

In his free time, Shivam tinkers with Raspberry Pi and Arduino, and has built some pretty cool stuff (ask him what it was like to work on an interactive floor projection).

He loves reading books, meeting new people, and is always working on an exciting side project. You can’t help but feel energised by his infectious enthusiasm.