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Sandilya Jandhyala

Sandilya Jandhyala


Sandy has worked professionally with Clojure, ClojureScript, Ruby, Go, Python and JavaScript. Outside of that, he has worked with C# and C++.

A passionate educator, Sandy has conducted workshops and recorded videos to help people upskill on Clojure.

At nilenso, he worked with fintech company Rupeek, delivering business-critical software and introducing best practices that allowed them to deploy with confidence. He has previously worked with Gojek’s ridesharing and growth teams. His work on the multi-variate testing platform at Staples’ machine learning division helped Staples' data science team perform experiments to test the efficacy of their machine learning models.

Prior to nilenso, Sandy was at Cisco, where he worked on automating manufacturing tests of hardware products.

A straight shooter, Sandy loves writing Clojure, playing old-school arena shooter games, breakfasting at MTR, and fixing his bicycle (in that order).

He only uses editors that were created after he was born.