🏗 Job Post: Junior Developer

This position is currently filled. We may have more openings for this role in the future. Please email us or follow us on Twitter to know more.

We’re looking for passionate, curious folks to work with.

There is no "perfect" candidate! We don't emphasize college degrees, marks, or brand-name of institutes in our hiring process. What matters to us is that you are a competent (in this case junior) programmer who cares about writing good code, and are eager to learn.

The lack of diversity in technology is a problem. To do our part in addressing this, we are keen on hearing from women and other under-represented communities in India for this position.

💁‍♀️ Working at nilenso

We are a boutique consulting firm based in Bangalore (though we are fully remote at the moment and our members are free to work from any location of their choice), structured as an employee-owned cooperative. Together, we’re building an open, inclusive company.

To us, programming is not just a job. We care deeply about the craft of creation, and the impact we make in the world.

We are tool agnostic, and are currently building software in Clojure as well as Haskell, Elixir, Ruby/Rails, Python, Go, and Javascript. We incorporated in 2013, have a steady track record of doing deeply technical work. Check out our website to see who we’ve worked with, and the talks we’ve given at conferences in India and around the world.

You can find more details about how we do our work, what growth looks like, and other FAQs on our employee handbook.

🗓 What the job involves

You will likely spend the first few months learning and building the necessary skills to work on real world projects. We’ll guide you through learning functional programming, Clojure, web development, project management, review your code, and strive to provide you continuous feedback. Once on a project, you’ll ramp up on any unknown tech stack, and work with more senior people at nilenso and the clients to develop products end to end. Your primary responsibilities on the project will be to:

  • Work with the product, design, and other teams on the client side to decide what needs to be built, and when
  • Break down stories, and create a backlog of work for yourself
  • Pair with developers at nilenso and the client to write code, tests, and review PRs
  • Design, develop, deploy, and ensure reliability of the software you write
  • Triage and fix bugs, as well as some production issues

Everyone at nilenso is expected to participate in the running of the company in one way or another, based on interest and ability. Once you have learned the ropes of working on client projects, you too will be encouraged to contribute to internal company activities and projects. That said, everything is transparent at nilenso, so even while ramping up, you will be welcome to participate in discussions and understand how we run ourselves.

📝 What we expect from you

🧐 Demonstrable interest in writing software

  • Show us your code! This could be a side project you worked on, an open source project you contributed to, or some work experience. We would expect you to be able to walk us through the code, or at least talk about it in detail.

👩‍💻 Programming skills

  • Ability to critique the code you write and provide a rationale for the choices you made. Ideally, you are also able to explain the trade-offs you make in coding for the machine i.e. time and space efficiency, and coding for people i.e. readability, and maintenance.
  • Working knowledge of at least one programming language, details about things you like, and don’t like about it.
  • Ability to reason about names, data structure choices, and organisation of code.
  • Some familiarity with the command line, unix tools, and git.

📚 Ability to learn

  • Track record of having learnt something significant like a language, framework, or tool (like git) by yourself outside of course work.
  • Ability to dive into details, and have beyond surface level knowledge about the things you have learnt.

🕵️ Problem solving skills

  • Ability to break down a relatively simple problem like mars-rover into meaningful parts, and write down a simpler version of the problem to tackle first.
  • Ability to identify unknowns in the problem, and ask questions about them
  • Ability to think of alternative strategies to solve such problems, and assess their weaknesses and strengths is a plus.

🏡 On being remote

Last year amidst COVID-19, we became a fully remote company. People are working from their home offices, or anywhere, really. We might open up an office again when it is safe, though folks will have the option to continue working from home if they prefer that. If there’s a way we can make your work experience more comfortable or fun, we’ll do it.

⚡️ Essentials and Perks

  • 💻 We’ll ensure that you have a comfortable home office, including a full workstation and any software licenses you need.
  • 📚 We have an extensive library, and encourage you to make use of it, as well as buy books you’d like to read or tickets for conferences you’d like to attend.
  • 🔍 Salaries, finances, and reviews are all transparent at nilenso.
  • 🌴 We offer paid menstrual leave as well as additional paid time off.
  • ➕ We provide full physical and mental health insurance coverage for your family.
  • 💛 A whole lot of learning, collaboration and fun!
A more comprehensive list of our company policies is outlined here.

👉 Please submit this form to apply: https://forms.gle/32ujU3Z8BdhWNKAu9