Business Decision Records

What are "Business Decision Records"?

Business Decision Records (BDRs) are documents written to capture significant strategic decisions, in the style of software Architecture Decision Records. We have found ADRs to be very useful to retrospect and introspect on our software projects. BDRs are an attempt to bring that utility to the arc of our business.

BDRs have some distinct properties: First and foremost, they are immutable. Once a BDR is written, it cannot be modified or removed. To alter or "undo" a BDR, nilenso must create another new, immutable BDR. Second, they are historical. Because BDRs cannot be modified, they do not represent a policy and they are not a living document. They may of course point to a policy or living document which represents the most current version of the decision.

BDRs are used to identify decision points for high-level strategy, policy, and company principles. They should not be used to describe or document specific actions the company or its employees take.

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